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My Resume

Yao Dong
8 years JAVA/J2EE Developer
Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
Email: robin.yao@gmail.com

I am a Senior Java/J2EE developer with 8 years experiences. I have worked for a lot of famous international corporations including IBM, Accenture, Sun Microsystems, MDCL-Frontline and etc.

My projects cover B2B, C2C website, telecommunication, bank, logistics and manufactory. I have worked in projects for IBM, TELUS, UTStarcom, TAOBAO(a website like ebay), ALIPAY(a website like paypal).

Career Objective
A senior Software Engineer's position focus on JAVA and J2EE development



8 years experience


8 years experiences in J2EE design and development




Design Pattern

Strong at Core J2EE Design Patterns;

Knowledgeable with Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML tools (Together, Rational Rose) and Design Patterns

Application Server

Proven expertise with WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat and JBoss


Experienced in Spring Framework, including Spring MVC.


Almost used in every project; In-depth experience with Struts; Full of experiences in validator, tiles, etc. Good understanding about MVC theory

O/R Mapping



Very familiar with IBatis and Hibernate;

Developed Middle-gen plug-ins for IBatis and Hibernate by myself, which could generated persistence layer code automatically


8 years experiences


Strong at RDBMS such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server

Java IDEs

Proficient in multiple Java IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ, WSAD, JBuilder and Sun Java Studio, visual Age)

Web Service

Experienced in web service and apache Axis

JUnit &CVS

Almost used in every project

Maven & Ant

Strong at Maven and Ant. Almost used in every project.

Curam Framework

Strong at Curam Framework


Familiar with Velocity


Good knowledge about J/xfs (J/eXtensions for Financial Services)


Familiar with AJAX and DWR


Familiar with UNIX, Solaris, AIX. Almost all projects were deployed on UNIX

  • Sun Certified Java Programmer; (SCJP, ID: SP3248088)
  • Curam Certified Developer;
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer; (MCSE, ID: 1291532)
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Professional Experience
2007.4 - nowIBM (contract through Quartech)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer
Project: Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry
Description: This project is for Alberta government.
Role: Main developer
Environment: Websphere, SVN, Eclipse, Rose
Technology: Curam, Ant

2005.8 - 2007.4TELUS (contract through Accenture)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Project: Reference ODS
Description: This project centralizes all reference data in TELUS and provides a service for other application to consumer the reference Data.
Role: Lead developer
Environment: Solaris, Weblogic, Harvest, Eclipse, Together
Technology: Spring, Struts, IBatis, EJB, Control-M, JSP and Java Script

2004.9 - 2005.6Sun Microsystems Partner Delivery Center

Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Project: UTStarcom Factory Control System

Time: 2005-2-16 ~ 2005-5-20
Description: This project included several subsystems of the UTStarcom Factory Control System to improve its function. These subsystems were report system, ESN address management system, MAC address management system, user/rights management system, etc.
Role: Team Leader
Environment: Windows NT, Tomcat, VSS, eclipse, Together
Technology: Spring, Struts, hibernate and IBatis, Web Service, Axis, JSP and Java Script

Project: UTStarcom Secure Remote Access POC

Time: 2005-1
Description: This POC (Prove of Concept) proved Sun Portal could support users access the intranet of UTStarcom securely from Internet. The client computer need not setup any driver like VPN.
Role: Chief Developer
Environment: Solaris, Sun Portal Server, Sun Directory Sever (LDAP), Sun Identity Server
Technology: Secure Remote Access of Sun Portal, Sun Portal, Sun Identity Server, Sun Directory Server (LDAP)

Project: Alipay Phase I (http://www.alipay.com)

Time: 2004-11~2004.12
Description: Alipay is a website like paypal. Buyers pay by this website and sellers also receive money from this website. The website connects different banks online.
Role: Main developer
Environment: Solaris, Weblogic, Oracle, CVS, Eclipse
Technology: Velocity, webx, Spring, Session Bean, IBatis, Core J2EE Design Patterns

Project: Taobao phase II (http://www.taobao.com)

Time: 2004-9~2004.11
Description: Taobao is a website like ebay in China. People can sell or buy different goods through this web site. To those sellers they can set a virtual store on Taobao to sell their products.
Role: Main developer
Environment: Solaris, Weblogic, Oracle, CVS, Eclipse, Together
Technology: Velocity, webx, Session Bean, IBatis, Core J2EE Design Patterns

Project: Alibaba JCOE phase I (http://www.alibaba.com)

Time: 2004-8
Description: Alibaba is the most famous B2B website in China. This project tried to help Alibaba to compose its Java Center of Excellence. In phase I, we estimated the ability of the staff, the methodology used while they developed projects, and the framework they used in their projects.
Role: Was responsible for analyzing the framework and composed an analysis report; trained the staff on Core J2EE Design Patterns.

2001.11 - 2004.8Modern Devices China Ltd.

Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Project: IDRP Distribution System

Time: 2004.1 ~ 2004-7
Description: IDRP Distribution System included several subsystems, which are retail, inventory control, finance, user management, etc.
Role: Designed the framework with my colleagues together; finished the coding for stock taking, inventory management and goods-return
Environment: Solaris, Rational Rose, JBoss, Oracle, CVS, IntelliJ
Technology: core J2EE Patterns (for example, business delegate, service locator, session fa├žade, application service, transfer object, etc.), Struts, CMP/CMR, JSP and HTML

Project: UT WAS Portal

Time: 2003.9 ~ 2004-1
Description: Used Sun Portal to deliver different services to the users who visited the system both from computers or cell phones.
Role: Chief Developer; Chief Engineer to deploy the software
Environment: Solaris, Together, Sun Portal Server, Sun Directory Sever, Sun Identity Server, Sun Application Server, Oracle, CVS, Sun Java Studio
Technology: Sun Mobile Access Package, Struts, Core J2EE Design Pattern, Session Bean, CMP/CMR, JSP and Custom Tags

Project: Office Automation System for China Communications Bank

Time: 2003.1 ~ 2003-6
Description: Customized pages on Portal for China Communications Bank; wrote java programs to visit Sun Directory (LDAP) Server.
Role: Team leader and chief developer
Environment: Solaris, Sun One Portal Server, Sun Directory Server, DB2, AIX, Lotus Notes, CVS, JBuilder
Technology: SERVLET, JSP, Netscape LDAP SDK, Session Bean, CMP, JSP and HTML

Project: Non-cash Account Transfer System for China Industrial and Commercial Bank

Time: 2002.4 ~ 2004-12
Description: Used J/XFS and J2EE to implement No-cash Account Transfer System for China Industrial and Commercial Bank.
Role: Main developer
Environment: Solaris, Websphere, Rational Rose, Oracle, CVS, JBuilder, Visual Age
Technology: J/XFS structure, JAXB, Applet, EJB, JSP, SERVLET and HTML

1997.7 - 2001.11Shanghai Hillman’s Spectacles Co., Ltd.

Assistant MIS Manager/Senior Software Engineer, System Administrator

1. Design and analysis of Internal Task Management System using Rational Rose and implement with Java, JSP, SERVLET and Java Beans
2. Built the Bulleting Board System using ASP and SQL
3. Established the entire POS system including front and back end while providing inventory control reports and relative financial statements using ASP and SQL
4. Maintain back-end software in Shanghai Hillman’s Spectacles Co., Ltd., the biggest spectacle retail organization in Shanghai, using Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server, T-SQL and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
5. Manage SQL Sever, monitor SQL Server performance and resolve problems appeared in SQL Server running
6. Visual Basic programming for various applications such as inventory control, and accountings (financial statement)
7. T-SQL programming for various applications such as financial statement
8. Intranet Web Server setup and maintenance

Education and Training
2004.4-2004.5Sun Java Enterprise System training, including Sun Portal, Sun Identity Server, Sun Directory Server, Sun Application Server, etc
2003.7Weblogic Portal and Integration Server training
1993.9-1997.7East China Normal University
Department of Electronic Engineering
Bachelor of Science

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