Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CVS commands

Check out from the branch
cvs co -r b-public-web-2_13 -d www.yourname.dev.bodoglife.net www.bodog.net
-r b-public-web-2_13 means check out from the branch
-d www.yourname.dev.bodoglife.net www.bodog.net means check out "www.bodog.net" and put in the dir "www.yourname.dev.bodoglife.net" on my local

Check status
cvs status | grep File

To just view files that you've modified, try this command:
cvs status | grep "Status: Locally Modified"
cvs status | grep File | grep "Status: Locally Modified"

View Change History
There are two types of change history you can view. During every commit every user should give a short message explaining what they changed. To view these, type:
cvs log file name

You may wish to pipe this to less, as it often generates a lot of output:
cvs log file name | less

Another way you can determine what was changed is to ask CVS exactly what was changed. You do this with the diff command. This command has great flexibility. Here are some simple examples:
cvs diff file name

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