Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Input Chinese on Ubuntu 8


  1. Open System>Administration>Language Support
  2. install the support package chinese
  3. under Hardy, Gutsy or Feisty, you will have to check the box at the bottom (Input Method) to activate complex characters input. You might have to uncheck it, click Apply, then check it again and click Apply.
  4. then log out (System>Quit>Log Out), and login again.
  5. Open a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal)
    Type :
    locale|grep 'LANG='
    and hit enter.
    # This will display your locale. For example, it is "en_CA.UTF-8"
  6. Type :
    im-switch -z (your_locale) -s scim-bridge

    For example,
    im-switch -z en_CA.UTF-8 -s scim-bridge
  7. Logout and login, SCIM should now be active.

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