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They are two arguments of JVM. What is the diference? is to declare the keystore file which trusts the certificate of the remote site. It guarantee that the remote server is the server it claims to be. is to provide the private key to encrypt the data which is sent to server. It guarantee that the client is the client it claims to be.
A keystore file can save both private key or trusted certificate (public key).
private key –> encryption
public key –> decryption
If JVM see the argument, JVM only cares the private keys saved in that keystore file.
If, JVM only cares the certificates saved in the keystore file.
If you are creating a java client to connect a HTTPS server, you should use
If dual authentication is required, you need use both.

The command line argument for trust keystore password is
For example
java MyApp is the password argument for

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