Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Invoke a secured web service with SoapUI

On the soapUI project

  • Open the 'Project View' of the project. (Right click on the project -> select 'Show Project View)
  • select the 'Security Configurations' tab
  • Go to the 'Keystores/Certificates' tab and click on '+' sign to add a new key store. Point to the key store in the file system. (In AS distribution, this key store is available under the  resources/security directory. )
  • Enter the key store password when prompted
  • Click the Request of the web service, in its properties, you can select the keystore just added.

There is a blog online talk about it in detail. http://blog.thilinamb.com/2011/02/invoking-secured-web-service-with.html

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