Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hive, Pig and HBase

Hive is best suited for data warehouse applications, where real-time responsiveness to queries and record-level inserts, updates, and deletes are not required.

Pig is described as a data flow language, rather than a query language. In Pig, you write a series of declarative statements that define relations from other relations, where each new relation performs some new data transformation. Pig looks at these declarations and then builds up a sequence of MapReduce jobs to perform the transformations until the final results are computed the way that you want. This step-by-step “flow” of data can be more intuitive than a complex set of queries. For this reason, Pig is often used as part of ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes used to ingest external data into a Hadoop cluster and transform it into a more desirable form.

HBase is a distributed and scalable data store that supports row-level updates, rapid queries, and row-level transactions (but not multirow transactions).

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