Tuesday, April 21, 2015

run unit test for angularjs

To run the unit test for angularjs, nodejs, npm, yeoman, grunt, bower need to be installed. Here are the quick steps to install these stuffs. go to https://nodejs.org/

Go to https://nodejs.org/ and Install nodejs

Once nodejs is installed. Update the path of windows, make sure “C:\Users\HAIRINWIND\AppData\Roaming\npm” is prior to “C:\Program Files\nodejs\”

It will install the latest npm into “C:\Users\HAIRINWIND\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules”

run this command to install YEOMAN

run this command to install gurnt-cli

Using YEOMAN to create an angular project. Before this we need install the generator

Run this command to create angular project by YEOMAN

Once the project is created, the package.json is created. This actually contains the dependency to grunt. Run the command to install grunt to this project.

It will actually install grunt to the \node_modules inside the project.

The bower need be installed before we can run “grunt server”.

Run this to install all project dependencies.

Eventually, we can run

It will run the unit tests and display the result in the browser.

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