Friday, March 3, 2017

Mongoose close connection

Once the connection is created by mongoose, it will create a pool of connections. The pool is maintained by the driver so that the connections can be re-used. The best practice is to create a new connection only once for the whole application.

In MongoDB console, use this command to check the connections opened
The result is
{ "current" : 2, "available" : 999998, "totalCreated" : 14 }
One connection is by the mongoDB console, the other one is nodejs.

The interesting thing is that the number is not increased when I use JMeter to generate 10 concurrent requests.

We shall close the connection before exiting the nodejs program.

After the nodejs program exists, check the connection again and now it is
{ "current" : 1, "available" : 999998, "totalCreated" : 14 }

Here are the helpful articles.

find which command connect to mongodb
in windows, use this command to get pid
then use this command to find the process, replace 6888 with the pid found in the previous command

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